Friday, June 7, 2013

36 Weeks and the Evolving Nursery Plan

Hi Everyone! I started this post on Monday and then got distracted :) Go figure. But I wanted to post anyway and let you know we're all moved in to our new house. We've had the week off to get settled in and it's starting to feel a little bit more homey each day. We've got lots of ideas for this house but also we're also going to take things one step at a time - especially with baby #2 arriving in a few weeks. I'll be posting when I can and will hopefully get some more photos up soon. Below are my thoughts from Monday...enjoy :)

Can't even believe I just typed out 36 weeks - where does the time go? Overall I'm feeling good but this baby is definitely out of room in there. I'll start my weekly appointments tomorrow so each week will be a step closer to meeting our second little one :)

We've had a great stay at my brother's and tomorrow is settlement/moving day already! We're excited. Today is our walk through and we're going to pick up the ton of mail waiting for us at the post office. 

Last night the boys were watching Game of Thrones and I had my mind on the house so I started putting a few things together that I've gotten for the baby's room just to give myself a point of reference for this week once we're in the house. Sheila's room and the baby's room are going to be my starting points just so they're all set.

This is where I'm at right now...I wasn't going to do much of anything in the baby's room until he/she was born but I feel like what I've got going is still at a point where it could go girl or boy.

I've already got the graphic silk scarf that has sort of set the tone for the room and the colors. My plan right now is to hang that freely using some small clothespins and fishing line. We've got the crib which is similar to the one shown and I picked up that little elephant at Phantastic Phinds recently. There is a swing arm lamp (not hard wired) in the room similar to the one above as well I think I'll just need to update the shade on it.

The two fabrics shown at the top middle are ones that I am considering for the rocker that I just got from my SIL. Left is John Robshaw for Duralee and the one on the right is Magnus by Dwell Studio for Robert Allen.

And the cute monogram print is a freebie from On to Baby.

Ok, back to house stuff - have a great weekend and thanks for sticking with me during this long hiatus ;)