Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Love Seat Makeover

Remember this love seat that I had found through Craig's List? If you have a really good memory, then you remember there was a small story behind this piece of furniture.

I ended up going with the Dwell Studio for Robert Allen fabric, and I'm in lovvvvve with it. When deciding on an upholstery fabric, you really have two options: making a statement with a bold print or going classic with the ability to make your statement with pillows. If you've been following me for a while, then you probably guessed that I went with a classic fabric that I'll be able to spruce up with pillows.

Here she is a few days ago…

You'll notice I went from two cushions to one cushion - gives it a cleaner look and I won't have to worry about Cheerios or Lalaloopsy accessories going down between cushions (only on the ends I suppose). Doesn't it look brand new? Chairloom did an excellent job and I already have another piece of furniture lined up to send their way.

I've got three 20" pillows and one lumbar pillow on there right now. The hand-printed lumbar pillow is by Chanee owner of Chanee Vijay Textiles (a local artisan I had the pleasure of meeting last winter - and don't miss her home featured in BHG last month prior to moving to Philadelphia). I had admired this pillow for a while and then once she ran a sale I knew I had to scoop it up. It sits nicely with some Target pillows I ended up getting in the fall. The two floral pillows on the ends are Threshold and the smaller, geometric print pillow is Nate Berkus for Target. Can't beat the price and I've been quite impressed by the quality as well.

The side table was added recently - also a Threshold item and the plant stand on the other side I picked up at Phantastic Phinds last spring. 

I've still got some work to do on this room, but this gives you a little preview of where it's headed. Still to do in the living room:  paint, remove carpet to expose wood floors, add window treatments, hang framed art and photos, add two more armchairs and ottoman, and add a TV. Lots to do but baby steps to get there, right? 


Let me know what you think of my love seat makeover and if you have any upholstery projects that you're working on - I love to see before and afters.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far - it's been pretty cold in PA so spring is going to be welcomed with open arms when the time comes :)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Art" for the Nursery

I was hunting around my Mom's basement a few months ago, and I came across this...

You probably can't tell from this photo, but this is all crewel work that my Mom had done in 1973. I found this in the basement and knew I had to scoop it up for our house. My Mom was thrilled that I wanted to bring this piece into our home and I was pretty sure I knew where it was going to go...

It's the perfect vintage pretty that I needed for Allison's room and I had been debating about what to put above her crib. You don't want something too heavy that could fall but you do want something eye catching that they can stare up at and coo - this was perfect and I love how it has set the rest of the mood for her room.

I'm in the process of bringing together a few other items for her room and hope to have an update soon.

(These photos really don't do the piece justice. Hoping to use my real camera and photograph the room when I'm done.)

Stay warm! We were in the single digits today in PA.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014!

I'm baaack...and it's 2014. How did that happen? Between having a baby and moving, the second half of 2013 flew right by. But now I'm back and hope to be around a bit more (let's hope).

I hope you had a wonderful holiday. We certainly did and the girls really enjoyed themselves. Here's a photo of all the girls being silly on a snow day.

Allison is almost 6 months old and Sheila just continues to amaze us with her quick wit and sassy ways ;) These two beauties LOVE being sisters and it shows more and more each day which is really fun. 

We've also started Allison on foods as of 4 months and she loves pretty much all of it except for the green vegetables.

And Sheila likes to play with all of Allison's toys - of course. This toy camera that you see below was a real hit.

I'll be back soon to share a few updates around our home and some projects we hope to do in 2014.

Like I said, I hope to be around here a little more often. Are any of you on Instagram that I don't know about yet? Leave your IG user name and I'll follow along.

We are expecting 4-8" of snow here tonight so who knows if we'll be going anywhere tomorrow, but we are supposed to go to New York this weekend for our anniversary which we're very excited about.

PS - I lost my website name (westpearinteriors.com) - boo. Long story short, I let the website name subscription expire and someone/something scooped it up which is so wrong. So anyway I'm back to my Blogspot address.