Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Challenge To Myself - Creating a Neutral Master Bedroom

I've really been inspired by neutrals lately. I've always been drawn to warm colors - greens, reds, yellows - colors in nature. But I'd like to create a neutral space in our home, and I think going with a neutral color scheme in our master would be a great place to try it out. I haven't really ever lived with or created a neutral space so this is definitely going to be a challenge and a great learning experience.

I'll show you what initially got me thinking about this…

This is a mixed media piece of artwork that we had purchased 2 years ago at the Manayunk Arts Festival. It's currently hanging above our bed and I really love it and so happy we purchased it. The colors in it are warm neutrals - black, taupe, clay, cream. This is what got me thinking about doing the room entirely in neutrals (do it, Holly, do it).

And this is where I'm thinking about going with it right now - just some rough ideas…

I'd like to add a nice upholstered headboard to anchor the room. 

Pillows with various textures will be key. I've chosen a graphic pillow by Therese Marie Designs, a black metallic velvet and cream linen (again, texture!) with grosgrain ribbon detail, and a cream velour pillow by CCDeuxVie all from Etsy.

This great Provence Market basket from Ballard will corral all of my shoes, and the throw will be a nice add for the bottom of the bed or thrown over the armchair I'd like to add to the room at some point.

We're also in the market for new nightstands and the simplicity of the Reilly nightstand interests me.

This plan will develop further (as it always does) as I start making some definitive choices, but you can get the idea. With a neutral palette, texture, texture, texture is the name of the game. I'm also still thinking about things like bedding and furniture/storage.

We're also in desperate need of a new lighting scheme. I'd love to use this Titan sconce from Home Depot on either side of the bed, but the layout of our bedroom does not allow for it (for now). Isn't it pretty?

What type of color person are you?

I also want to thank everyone who has taken the time to comment. I realize that it's not always easy to go through the word verification but it's very much appreciated. I actually don't find it burdensome at all but I know it deters people from leaving comments. I've thought installing Comment Luv but it's going to take a little time to do that. Are you familiar with Comment Luv? I've seen it on a few blogs and think it's an easy way to comment and also links a current post so also very reader friendly too.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Making A Statement: Fire Wood

Do you subscribe to Architectural Digest? I don't but every once in a while I'll pick up the issue if something catches my eye and this month it did.

The Frank Gehry-designed home of Patrick Dempsey and his family living in Malibu is a home not to be forgotten. This feature is one of the reasons I picked up AD this month. And this photo in particular caught my eye immediately - fire wood. Lots and lots of it organized so nicely in each of the built-in sections of the wall. What a statement!

Pretty awesome, don't you think? The impact, the texture, the symmetry - what other words come to mind for you? Right before I started typing this post up, I decided to also watch the short video clip on AD with Patrick Dempsey talking about his home. And I'm so glad I did because he talked about how this wall of fire wood actually serves a very functional purpose. Any ideas? You can watch the video here - it's quick and interesting. He doesn't talk about it in the video at all but the article discusses their collaboration with Estee Stanley on the decorating aspect of their home.

On a side note, we just got our fireplace fixed not that long ago (we needed to get it resealed). We've used it a few times and I do really love the texture that the wood brings to the fireplace. We only have a few logs stacked on it (it's no Dempsey fireplace wall), but I really enjoy having it in our living room. Maybe some smaller piles of stacked wood are in our future.

Besides the statement wall of fire wood (which also please note the fireplace is actually lit - good photography  styling/staging there), what other things are you drawn to in this space?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Introducing: Susan Connor Textiles

My Insta-acquaintance (you didn't know that's a word?), Susan Connor, has launched a beautiful line of textiles that I wanted to share with you today. I came across Susan on Instagram over a year ago and I've been following her ever since. I don't remember how I initially found her feed (probably from digging and researching like I tend to do), but I've enjoyed seeing her success and excited to show you a few of the new items in her shop today.

Photo courtesy of Susan Connor NY

Hooked yet? All of Susan's products are hand stamped out of her studio in Brooklyn. Each design concept is conceived with a sketch and then evolves into a carved stamp that is used to create each pillow.

Each cushion and throw have a crisp, casual bohemian vibe with intricate detail in each pattern. 

Did I say throw? Oh yes I did, in addition to cushions there are also gorgeous throw options as well. Here is a favorite:

And if you think the talent stops there, then please take a look at Susan's line of stationery and kitchen accessories, Susy Jack. One of my favorite items are these notecards - beautiful, one of a kind:

I put together a design board for a small sitting area that showcases Susan's float indigo pillow.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other designs Susan has up her sleeve. Congratulations Susan on a beautiful collection!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Favorite Things

Thought I'd start off this week by showing you a few of my favorite things lately - some are new and some are older things I've had around that I've just arranged differently in the house. Here we go…

I love my Taylor Ceramics vases. They are pieces of art along with being functional.  I'm constantly rearranging the mantle and decided to put my two ceramic pieces next to each other and really like them like this. I've got them in front of a few empty frames I picked up thrifting and a basket I had picked up at Home Goods a few years ago.

I have so many prints saved that I've thought about using in the girls' rooms, but was really drawn to this Rise and Shine print by Stephanie Ryan. Not only is Stephanie a talented artist but she's also from PA. I love to support local artisans whenever possible. I was drawn to the colors in this print as well as the quick, cute quote. She has a lot of really pretty prints in her shop.

House stalker alert! Right here! This house has been worked on since we moved to the area and I've always been drawn to it. I finally got a chance to snap a photo when there were no cars around. The new portico structure I believe was just built recently and it's hard to see in the photo but I love the color scheme they have going. (Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this)

Lastly, I've been on a bows kick for my girls. Melany from Jellabee makes the sweetest bows and clips. I've gone a little nuts getting them in different colors, fabrics, and shapes (she makes the most adorable glitter hearts too), but they are such great quality that I know these will last us a while. I've bought a few hair clips here and there and have been disappointed, but I'm very impressed with the quality of these. And she has the option of putting a bow or clip on a headband for those little ones without much hair yet :) Win/win!

I also just got a fresh shipment of fabric samples in the mail - trying to nail down some decisions for upholstery fabric and some pillows. Stay tuned!

On a side note, we were out of power from early Wednesday morning until yesterday around 4:30. We had gotten some snow and then got sleet/ice on top of it and basically had the second biggest power outage in PECO history. Over 500,000+ customers were without power for days. The numbers have dwindled but there are people still affected and I hope they get restored very soon. We were so happy to come home and that the house warmed up fairly quickly. 

Ok, let me know what's on your radar these days.