Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Introducing: Susan Connor Textiles

My Insta-acquaintance (you didn't know that's a word?), Susan Connor, has launched a beautiful line of textiles that I wanted to share with you today. I came across Susan on Instagram over a year ago and I've been following her ever since. I don't remember how I initially found her feed (probably from digging and researching like I tend to do), but I've enjoyed seeing her success and excited to show you a few of the new items in her shop today.

Photo courtesy of Susan Connor NY

Hooked yet? All of Susan's products are hand stamped out of her studio in Brooklyn. Each design concept is conceived with a sketch and then evolves into a carved stamp that is used to create each pillow.

Each cushion and throw have a crisp, casual bohemian vibe with intricate detail in each pattern. 

Did I say throw? Oh yes I did, in addition to cushions there are also gorgeous throw options as well. Here is a favorite:

And if you think the talent stops there, then please take a look at Susan's line of stationery and kitchen accessories, Susy Jack. One of my favorite items are these notecards - beautiful, one of a kind:

I put together a design board for a small sitting area that showcases Susan's float indigo pillow.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other designs Susan has up her sleeve. Congratulations Susan on a beautiful collection!


  1. Oh, no. I love them all. This could be a problem!

    Thanks for the introduction!

  2. Beautiful textiles! I am really into the soft muted colors and I like her chambray pillows. The triad pillows remind me of these pillows I saw in a kitchen nook here:
    Thanks for sharing her work!

  3. Holly, Thank you so much for such a lovely post about my work! It's so funny, the basket you have in your moodboard is one I have had my eye on for a while, and I think I even pinned it a little bit ago! Great minds...: ) The chambray desings are some of my favorites too. When I first printed on that type of fabric, it kind of came alive for me. It has a really beautiful, soft quality that made me want to make it a core character in my first line.

    Again, thank you so much. Your support, encouragement, and yes, insta-friendness! are total inspirations!

  4. Hey, Holly!! Ooooh, I looove these!!! Beautiful! I'm so into hand-stamped stuff lately, these are totally up my alley. Thanks for the intro!!

  5. Someday I will design and create my own textiles. Thanks, Holly, for introducing me to this talented artist.

  6. Thank you everyone - I'm glad you enjoyed this!

  7. Oh my goodness. These textiles are beautiful and I love the soft, muted colors. Love.

  8. Love! I knew about her paper goods and am so happy to know she is now designing textiles too. Gorgeous. Also would be thrilled to transfer your sitting area to my home stat!

  9. These fabrics are gorgeous. I will have to keep the, in mind! Now, must go find her on Instagram.

  10. Thanks so much for this recommendation! I am adding her to my resources list. I adore that indigo pillow...

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