Monday, March 3, 2014

Our Family Room and Sunroom

Since our home is a constant work in progress, I figured I'd show you our lower level living area since it has gotten bumped up on the project list. Let me explain a little bit...

We live in a split level home, so what we consider to be the family room is the lower level living area. This living area is also adjacent to a sun room that you can see below here. (The sunroom faces the back of the house)

We've talked about a list of things we would eventually change in the sunroom including changing the floors (what you mean you don't like the AstroTurf?), light fixture, layout/function, and window treatments. 

Last summer we put the art table out in the sunroom so that the kids could color and draw and paint and we really didn't care what happened to the floors.

We did end up replacing all of the windows. The photo that you see below is the original windows which we literally couldn't open, which is why we decided to replace them so that it would help with air flow and ventilation. 

A few weeks ago Steve just happened to peek out into the sunroom and noticed about 2-3" of water on the ground which was coming in from underneath the door, which is situated to the left of all of these photos. The snow was melting and the water was draining and just sitting on the patio area that is to the left of the sunroom thus flooding into our sunroom. Awesome.

We moved everything out or up and Steve ripped up the AstroTurf. It actually looks so much better and reminds me how each change really does have such an impact either big or small. Now we won't be leaving the floors like this, but it gets me thinking about what we really do want for this area.

This sunroom is off of the year round family room area.

And this is the pellet stove/wall of brick in our family room. To the left of the stove is an entry area which we use often and to the right of the stove is a small desk area that we have and also where we have a lot of the toys stored.

Projects here include painting the brick, changing the floors, painting the walls, and configuring the layout differently with the purchase of a new sofa, chairs, and coffee table/storage ottoman.

To the far right of the stove is the sliding door to the sunroom, so the ultimate goal is to unite the space and make it feel like one large room. 

This photo below is diagonal from the pellet stove/desk area. This area faces the front of the house and you can see has some better natural light than the other side of the room. The wall that you see below is where our TV resides and needs some major help. 

We want to patch up that awkward open area (can you tell the walls are paneled and not drywall?). It's not horrible but something we've talked about updating. We would like to get a new media console and take advantage of the empty space here for storage.

That's our family room and sunroom in a nutshell. Thanks for taking the tour! We are anxious to get started eventually on this lower level project. I'll try to post updates as things evolve.


  1. Lots of terrific plans Holly! Can't wait to see these spaces come together with your ideas and touches. While the water situation is a bummer, at least it got this party started!

  2. It all sounds so great! I love the idea of painted brick. It always brightens up a space. Sorry about the water problem. Not fun at all, we've been there!

  3. Hey! Oh no! Sorry about the water:( Its always something when you own a house! The sunroom is such a cool place for the girls to play though. Love how the kids' potty made it into the photo;) Sounds like a lot of fun work ahead, its going to be great when you get your hands on it, so much potential! Thanks for sharing more of your house, I've been so curious:) And thanks for your super sweet comment on Ian's post.... these second babies are such little loves!

  4. It's fun to see some of your floor plan, Holly! It sounds like your plans will make it so functional (and pretty, no doubt). Sorry about the water, ugh, but it will be fun to follow along!

  5. Oh boy, your water problem sounds like our basement last summer. No fun. But, I'm glad to see you look on the bright side. I actually like the brick flooring in your sunroom and it reminded me of this picture:

    You have some big projects lined up which I'm sure will allow you to work your magic!! All things to look forward to…..

  6. I've been worried about all this snow melting quickly and seeping Ito everyone's homes! Sorry about that! I do love that sunroom space, and what a great place to hang out with the girls! I love figuring out how it is best for the family to function on a space. It makes such a difference to set it up appropriately and maximize the use of the space. I look forward to your progress.

  7. Oh, wow, that AstroTurf is something else! :) It is nice to see some of your house - that area has so much potential!

  8. I love home improvement projects. It really is amazing how changing something can have a big impact. Your sun room is lovely. Sorry you had the unexpected flooding in there but it looks like it has great bones and beautiful light filtering through. I can't wait to see what you do.