Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Color Transformation

The other day I had shown you my color palette for the Restore upcycle challenge, and today I wanted to show you a quick before and after of the color in the room because the transformation already is incredible. And all because of a couple of cans of paint :)

After peeking in each of the rooms, I know that my wall color is definitely the darkest. I really love how rich and surprisingly warm the color is on the walls. It's like it wraps you up in a warm towel just out of the dryer.

Here it is...the room as I saw it the first day previewing the house and as we left it this past Saturday.

As a reminder, the wall color is Sherwin Williams Rainstorm (6290). Add it to your dark color favorites list because it's a keeper and I've really enjoyed working with it and using it as a segway into the rest of the design for this room.

Hope you enjoyed the quick before and after as much as I do.

Less than 3 weeks to go until the first open house!


  1. Woo hoo! Gorgeous, gorgeous color. Definitely pinning.

  2. Looking good!! I always shy away from dark colors, but when I see pics like this I always tell myself I need to embrace it!! Good Luck!

    1. I'm usually not a dark person myself either Fran, but with one of the key pieces in this room (that I haven't shown at all yet) this deep blue color is going to bring it to life.

  3. Nice!! It looks sooo good! Such a pretty color. Love how it makes the white trim pop. Ooh, it must have been fun to peek in at other spaces! Less than 3 weeks?! Yikes! You can do it, Holly!!!

  4. Love the color, I can't wait to see the results of these rooms! Stopping by thanks to Katie at Busy Bee!

  5. You're a trailblazer for going with your gut and choosing dark. Can't wait to see it come together! Can I help!?!?!