Thursday, April 10, 2014

One Room Challenge Link Up - Week 2 - The Elements

Week 2 of Linda's One Room Challenge! And remember I'm a linking participant.

Last week I introduced the sad state of our half bath and the plans that I had discussed for it. In case you missed it here is what I'm working with:

Wow, not too difficult to improve on this one! Paint, art, lighting, accessories, and I should be good to go.

The only thing that I've purchased so far is a new light fixture. I was going to work with what I had but I really don't like it. You can't really see it in this photo but trust me it's bad. And as much as I'm on a thrifting and upcycling kick lately, I just don't have the energy (or to be honest want to) do anything with this light fixture. In fact I'll probably donate it.

But here is the new light fixture that I'll be replacing the old, dated one with:

Seagull Lighting Driscoll light fixture

I originally found this on Home Depot's website, but then ended up finding it on Amazon for $20.00 cheaper. Woo hoo!

I'm hoping this is going to be the only element that I purchase aside from the paint. One of my goals for this challenge is to use what I have around the house without coming out of pocket too much. So far so good.

Here is the light fixture with other elements that I pulled together:

The navy and white towels I had purchased from Lands End last year. They are really thick and nice quality and so versatile. And then the floral towel I had seen at Home Goods a few weeks ago. They caught my eye so I picked up 2 of those and figured I could return them if I didn't use them.

The mirrors are also from Home Goods and I've had those for a while. I had actually thought about getting rid of them but I'm so glad I hung onto them. You never know when you can make use of something, so I think those could work well in here. And have you ever realized how mirrors bounce light around a space? Especially small spaces!

That's it for this week friends. I've pulled together a few elements that I'll be using and next week I will hopefully show you some updates in the paint color department (I tend to choose paint last - usually, not always).

Be sure to check out what the 20 designers are up to this week as well.


  1. Love the clean lines of your light fixture - good purchase!

  2. Love that light fixture and great idea to add light w/multiple mirrors!

  3. Yaay! Well on the way! :)

  4. I love that light fixture - it looks similar to a Visual Comfort one that's $$$! Looking forward to seeing what you end up choosing for your paint color!

  5. I agree with Kris--the Home Depot/Amazon fixture looks very pricey to me!

  6. So fun following along with this! Love the light fixture and awesome job on scoring it even cheaper. Super cute towels too. I like the challenge of working with what you already have...but then at the same time, you are right, sometimes you just gotta go new:) Have a great weekend!

  7. So we are on the same using what we have page. I do like your new light fixture - worth the splurge!!

  8. Love that light fixture! And the mirrors... looking good Holly!

  9. I too am working on a bathroom makeover. I love your new fixture and loveee those stripe towels. So awesome! Can't wait to see what you do next!

  10. Sometimes all a room needs is a little attention. Using what you have, coupled with cheap fixes like an inexpensive light fixture and paint, is the best way to freshen things up.

  11. Holly, I love the light you picked out! And I think those mirrors are going to look great in the space too - it's such a good thing you held onto them!

  12. That light is perfect. I also love the pair of mirrors. Looking great.