Thursday, May 29, 2014

Decorating Our Home - Main Level

We're coming up on a year of being in our home, which is really hard to believe. There are many things that we want to do to our house but we know they will take time. We've done some not-so-fun things like added a new roof, added insulation to the attic, new windows for our sun room, new lighting in our family room and living room. I suppose that's a lot.

I'll be honest, we really haven't done much cosmetically to our house. I really think it's important to live in a home for a while before making decisions. For instance, we haven't painted the main living area at all because we're simply not ready for it yet. We have a long list of wants but will need to prioritize them when the time comes.

What I have created are "moments" in our home, which are small areas that have been spruced up until the big projects get done. You know what I mean, don't you?  (Sidenote: you must read Melissa's post from the other day on decorating your home. It's really well written and so many great points made that I think you would all enjoy).

Here is a small tour of our main level living area and a few of my "moments" that I've created to enjoy until the big picture gets worked on more...

Remember my love seat that I had reupholstered? It's currently in our living room on the main level of our split level home, and it will most likely stay put when we get the rest of this room in order.

This is one of my favorite spots to sit and read and have coffee. The side table I had picked up at Target last summer, and the 3-tier plant stand on the far left was a consignment store find that I love. Here is a more recent photo of my plants - another area that might not look like much but makes me very happy.

I've also spruced up the pillows a little bit. The floral pillow in the back was a Target purchase, and the leaf pillow is by Chanee Vijay which is a favorite of mine. I love how it looks broken in and casual. It was one of her early designs and I always admired it. And then the animal print pillow in the middle was crafted by Therese Marie Designs for my Habitat room and I love what it adds to my pillow vignette here. Therese added a faux flange to the sides, so I've actually flipped it around so that the trim is seen at the top (I change my mind like that sometimes - tomorrow it will be on its side again).

We have a large window behind the love seat that is currently bare, so I've picked out some panels to use on either side of the window and I'm pretty excited to see them installed. Here is a photo that I took with a hint of the window panel fabric on the right.

I think the horizontal stripe is a nice contrast to the other prints that I've added with the pillows. And the panels are neutral enough that I could use them elsewhere as well. There is a sliding door opposite this window that will get a treatment as well and I've contemplated using the same panels to keep the look cohesive. The panels are the ivory jute striped Sahaj curtain panel from World Market and they are on sale now (maybe I should buy more). They are great from what I can see so far, but I'll do another update once they are up.

I also picked up this wingback chair below this past winter and it sits next to the love seat for the time being (minus the cabinet which I just sold so envision the chair pushed back more to the corner). I'm not sure if it will stay here or not, but it's a very comfortable chair and we enjoy having it in this room. It will need to be recovered eventually, but I love the shape of it.

And then to the left of the photo above is our fireplace which you can see a glimpse of below. I'd like to beef up the mantle at some point and give it a mini-makeover, but I'm enjoying playing around with the mantle for the time being (who am I kidding - I move things around weekly I think).

There you have it - just a few of my favorite moments from around our living room. By bringing in plants, pillows, and some meaningful objects, you can create a look that can be tweaked easily once you're ready to really dive in. Our progress is slow and steady, but the process and the journey (as Melissa puts it so perfectly in her post) is really a lot of fun. Mixing items both new and old and meaningful to create a look that we love and that is home.

I'd love to hear about some of your favorite moments at your house.


  1. Your approach is wise. I'm afraid I like what I call "one fell swoop" decorating, which has resulted, every time, in having to go back and fix one thing I got wrong because I was not patient (like four dressed windows in my LR when I decided I hated the fully lined, pinch pleated draperies I made). And as a long-time admirer of Chanee Vijay Textiles, I am tickled that our pillows are commingling on your sofa :)

  2. Love how you have approached this Holly and thanks for sharing Melissa's post, good advice indeed! The "moments you have created are lovely and when the time comes to pull everything together, you are already halfway there!

  3. These little moments look amazing! I completely understand about wanting to take your time getting to know your space - you'll enjoy it so much more in the long run.

  4. Holly, I know what you mean. I have so many 'moments' in our house either b/c I am undecided as to what to do in the rest of the room or lack of budget or lack of time. The reasons go on…..but, you know I am a firm believer of 'starting small' and I agree with what you said about living in your house for a while. Creating small vignettes keeps my creative juices flowing and slowly things just click and the room slowly starts to evolve and comes together. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary in your home!!

  5. I also love little moments in homes too. It's a great way to tackle decorating. I love the moments in your home!! :) I also love the pattern mix with the pillows.

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  7. These little moments look amazing! I completely understand about wanting to take your time getting to know your space - you'll enjoy it so much more in the long run.