Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Miles Redd Inspired Window Treatments

Are you familiar with the Miles Redd ruffle?

A flirty detail added to the leading edge of a drapery panel and inspired by Rose Cumming, this is just one of Redd's signature details that I just happen to admire. A lot.

After I had drafted my layout, color scheme, and major elements of my room at the Habitat house, I knew I was going to have to scheme up something for the windows. I wanted something that would be inexpensive, simple, but also thoughtful and feminine.

Because the walls were going to be a key component for the room, I didn't want to distract the eye in any way with a busy pattern or color so I decided on simple "white" IKEA panels. I figured I would use those to blend with the windows and jazz them up somehow with some detail.

Inspired and hopelessly devoted to the window designs of Miles Redd that you see at the top of the post, I purchased 2.5" eyelet ruffle trim from Joann Fabric and used stitch witchery to attach it to the leading edge of my IKEA panels. I was a little nervous if what I had envisioned would work, but it did and they looked so pretty in the room.

The ruffle trim was the perfect feminine touch that these panels needed to mingle into my room flawlessly. Unfortunately because of the size of the room, I couldn't get the best photos but I hope you can appreciate a few of these that I was able to snap.

This one will give you a better feel for the full-length of the detail on the panel, but the lighting is a bummer.

**Side note: There could be an entire post written based on these two photos about selecting a paint color, but that will have to wait for another time. I will tell you that my choice in wall colors had to do with the time of day the showings would be held (11-2) and the position of the sun. Note that these photos were taken at 6pm on a rainy day.

And here is a photo of the panel on the left closest to the chaise.

Despite the lousy lighting in this photo above, I still love the impact of the ruffle and the dose of girly it brings to the room in contrast to the dark blue perhaps masculine walls.

Sigh...I heart the ruffle.


  1. I love this detail. Ikea curtains are such a great starting point too. You rocked this room!

  2. It's the perfect touch…love!

  3. Those turned out beautifully Holly! You clever girl and now they will land in your home, double bonus!

  4. FYI - I don't mind the lighting in the last two photos. Yes, the colors are not true, but the ruffle detail is still highlighted and it looks like you simply applied an interesting filter upon editing, maybe the "moody" filter :)

  5. That simple detail elevates the whole level of the window panels! I'm impressed.