Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What's Blooming In Our Garden

Ever since we wrapped up the Habitat house things have continued to be busy, and this weekend is our neighborhood yard sale so we're getting ourselves organized for that and doing a big clean out.

I wanted to share a few photos of what's blooming in our garden while I had a chance because it's too pretty not to share.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen a few of these over the weekend, but even since Saturday things have bloomed even more.

I'll start in the front of our house in the perennial garden. This first plot is at the bottom left of the driveway when you're looking at our house. The ornamental onions have bloomed and look so pretty up against the oxblood colored leaves of the Japanese maple behind it.

Here is a before and after of what the ornamental onion looks like before it blooms and after it blooms. The before photo was taken on Sunday and it has since bloomed. 

These are columbine flowers which are new to me.

Then moving to the right of the driveway we have the most beautiful bearded iris. I wasn't familiar with iris at all until seeing them here at our house and thank you to Dana for identifying them for me. They have the slightest sweet scent to them once you get up close.

If this isn't nature at it's finest...the colors!! The most beautiful violet and vanilla next to the punchy lime green of the leaves - what a combination! I had to cut a few and put them in my Taylor Ceramics vase.

I believe these will also be iris. The blooms appear to be more yellow in color.

Another surprise, in addition to the bearded iris, are these forget me nots.

And walking up toward the house, we have lily of the valley along the walkway leading up to the house.

And two white azalea bushes underneath our front windows to the right of the walkway. I was worried about these but they seem to be doing fine. They'll need a good pruning once they're done blooming.

That's it for the front of the house. I'll do another post with some photos of the back of the house. A portion of the back is mostly shaded throughout the day, but the back deck gets full afternoon sun. Because of the full sun, I had to choose a few annuals for planters accordingly. I mixed it up this year and went with portulaca, marigolds, and a dark purple sweet potato vine.

I love the pink and the orange together against the deep purple of the vine. You might be wondering what I've done with the planter. I planted the flowers in my yellow ceramic planter, and then placed that within a white wicker decorative planter I had gotten last year for $1.00 at a yard sale.

I had another planter in this spot last year, but I've since moved that one to the front of the house closer to the bottom door. I'll take some photos of that area soon to show you. I found a wicker planter similar to the one above on Craig's List and it was going for $75.00, so I think getting this one for a $1.00 was a big score.

Spring has certainly been pretty around here. I've been enjoying all of the flower surprises.

I'd love to hear what's blooming near you.


  1. Pretty! Love the mix of blues and alliums are one of my favorites. Our peonies opened yesterday which is pretty exciting.

  2. So pretty, Holly! That Japanese Maple is stunning!

  3. Wow, that Japanese Maple is gorgeous and so full! My neighbor has one but yours looks so good! How fun to discover all of these plants around your yard! Love the bright colors of the annuals against the purple sweet potato vine!

  4. Love, love, love! There's nothing better than lily of the valley in springtime as far as I'm concerned. What a lovely garden you have!

  5. So beautiful! There's nothing I love better than making big bouquets of flowers from my yard for the house!

  6. Lovely! Don't you just love this time of year when everything is in bloom?
    Your ornamental onions are fantastic, btw. I tried to get them to grow at my old house, but they wanted more light. Maybe I should try again.