Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What You Can Find at a Local Flea Market

Part of the fun of going to a consignment shop or flea market is never knowing what you will find (at least that's fun for me and if you're reading this then I'm thinking you might think it's fun as well). I recently discovered a "Barn Sale" about a mile down the road from our house. The sale runs the second Saturday of each month from May through October. The favorite part of the sale for me is the bric-a-brac room which is all of the housewares, but this past month's sale drew me to the book portion of the sale for the first time.

There weren't a ton of design books but there were plenty of gardening and botanical books. This little book entitled Wildflowers caught my eye (my photo is the one on the right). It's small and I liked the vintage look that it had to it and the soft color palette on the cover. For 50 cents I figured why not. The Coffee Talk book intrigued me and that small chest of drawers is going to be part of my coffee station some day.

Now do you have any idea where I found the photo on the left? That is the photo of prop stylist, Ginny Branch, and I invite you to take a look at her website when you have a chance because you might recognize a few of the projects she's worked on.

I was browsing Pinterest this past weekend and saw one of Ginny's gallery walls. Isn't it great? I popped over to her site and browsed around for a bit, and came across the photo (above left) and grinned when I saw the Wildflowers book. Not that I needed any validation of my purchase, but it's pretty darn cool when you see one of your flea market finds popping up in a stylist's vignette.

Photo courtesy of ginnybranch.com

And this is why I wrote this post because I knew that my readers would appreciate something like this. Am I right? Who else would understand how cool of a discovery this is? 

Friday, June 20, 2014


I recently picked up a great new bench off of Craig's List and thought I'd share. I'm an occasional Craig's Lister, meaning I'll go on every so often looking for something in particular but every now and then I just pop over to the antiques section to see if anything catches my eye. This $10.00 bench selling in Jenkintown caught my eye. I popped over a few weeks ago to pick it up and loved it as soon as I saw it. Here's a photo of it in my the turned legs. That's what originally caught my eye.

The nailhead trim is a nice touch and I didn't think the needlepoint was so bad either. Certainly adds character to it that's for sure. We've already started utilizing it in our living room. It transitioned nicely as a small ottoman to put books on but also functions well as a small foot stool.

Here's a photo of the needlepoint on the top of the stool.

Can't really beat $10.00 for a sweet little piece like this with loads of character and function. I'm very happy with the purchase.

I've also been tinkering around with the mantel as well. Always moving things around and switching things in and out when the mood strikes. Here's my latest look that I've been enjoying. It's hard to get a good shot of the entire thing.

I really wish I had gotten another one of the lanterns that you see there on the right to balance that one out, but I just try to vary the heights on each side. The lantern and large round basket are both from Home Goods from a few years ago.

I had gotten the hanging plant a few weeks ago when we were down visiting my brother in NJ. I originally had it in our sun room but since it's not finished yet we don't spend any time in there. I wanted to bring it up to the living room where I could enjoy it. It didn't come with a tag at all with a name or care instructions. Does anyone know the name of it? It won't stay here forever but I love the element that it brings to the side of the fireplace and sort of draws your eye down as it cascades.

Here's a closer shot of another one of the plants that I added here. This is a Wandering Jew plant or also referred to as Purple Heart. It's really easy to care for and doesn't really require much attention.

At some point I'll get a better shot of the entire mantel.

We're headed to the Manayunk Arts Festival this coming weekend. It's sort of become a birthday tradition (at my request). I'll try to post some photos to Instagram. Have a great weekend!