Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Curb Appeal

Yes, I have been MIA but I was feeling the pull and wanted to show you this little color lesson or "aha" moment. We have 2 exterior doors on the front of our house - one that we consider our "main" door that you enter from the walkway and takes you into our living room and then the other door that goes directly into our lower level/family room (we rarely use this door but it can't be ignored, right?).

Both doors are painted the same color - not sure what it is since we haven't touched it since we moved in but it's very similar to BM Wythe Blue.

Here is a photo of our lower level door.

Not so bad, right? I've had the wreath for a while now (purchased at Home Goods about 4-5 years ago) but it never really said "wow" to me. The colors in the wreath are yellow/orange/red but predominantly the yellow is the most noticeable, do you agree?  

Then a few weekends ago my Mom brought me a new wreath which was very thoughtful of her so I promptly put the new wreath on our front door and brought the one that you see above down to the lower door. Here is a photo of the other "main" door that we use mostly.

Much better, don't you think? The wreath that my Mom brought me is all red/cranberry and really looks nice against the blue/green door - and we all know that blue or green and red is a great complimentary color combination. 

So there is your color lesson for today - wreaths should compliment the front door too! 

Here is a side-by-side so you can see them next to each other.

The lighting is a little off but I think the door on the right looks much crisper and more pleasing to the eye than the left (ignore the nasty brick - that's a BIG project for the future) - the advantage to the door on the left is that we have room to the side to add some other eye candy with the planter :)  That will distract me while I look for another red wreath.


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  1. Holly, your doors look great - so seasonal! And, I love the blue color on your door. I too am so happy to find you on IG - it's hard, though, keeping up the blog when there is IG! :)

  2. So happy to see your post! Your doors are lovely. The blue is such a great backdrop for fall colors. I am also happy to see you on FB and IG. It's so much easier to post and keep up with than the blog! Thanks for the sweet shout out.