Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Britain Project - Part 1

When I meet with new clients, I always like to get a tour of their home to gauge their color and design preferences. I also like to spend some time with them chatting about likes, dislikes, hobbies, wants, needs, etc, etc.  I also take my notes in a profile form like you'll see below, so I figured I'd go with it for this post :)

New Britain Project Profile

Family of 4 with 2 young children (a girl and a boy) and a dog and cat

Spending time at the beach in the nice weather, playing games, crafting, coaching, music, cooking/dining, having coffee, entertaining. Color preferences are blues, greens, and earth tones. They also like stripes, plaids, paisley patterns.

This family struggles with what I find to hear a lot...they know what they like but they're just not sure how to pull it all together or where to start. We're starting with their living room/play room and dining room (since the living room/play room flows into the dining room). They use this area to entertain especially around the holidays when they have both families over to their house. They need additional seating but they also need the pieces to be moveable/flexible so that they can be interchanged when the need arises. They also needed a color plan, meaning that the color plan I come up with will help them with other rooms throughout their home to create color flow.

Additional seating
New rug
Window treatments
New sofa (to replace existing)
New armchair (to replace hand-me-down glider)
Additional lighting

Overview of Rooms

This is the living room/play room as you walk in. Right now, the room is mainly used for the kids to play in but the adults also like to hang out in here as well - read, drink coffee. So we're going to create a nice balance for them.

You can also see the big bay window that is in need of window treatments - roman shade, blinds, something to soften it up a bit but also create privacy as well.

When they moved into the house, they had their floors redone and most of the rooms painted. This room and the dining room are painted SW 7683 Buff. It looks yellow in these photos but it's actually very creamy and a really nice color to work with so no need for repainting. 

Below is the dining room that is adjacent to the living room. We're going to be replacing the existing panels with longer, lighter panels to brighten up this room. I also suggested removing the tablecloth and doing placemats or a runner.

The Plan

I had the pillows situated on the sofa for presentation purposes but moved them to the sides so that my clients could also see the sofa - and I never moved them back :) This is design plan A where I used a colorful rug to set the mood of the room. We're going for rustic/contemporary with a touch of beachy - if that makes any sense.

And here is design plan B...pillows are situated on this sofa and look SO GOOD.

This plan is a bit more neutral, mostly due to the rug, but you can see how the look we are going for is still being accomplished through those pretty pillows and ottomans that can be moved together or apart depending upon what they're doing that day.

Any ideas on what plan they decided on??

I'll be back tomorrow with Part 2 of this project overview and some more info on what I presented.

I'd love to hear what you think of this plan that I presented to this fun family.

Thanks for reading as always!


  1. Your plan is fantastic, Holly! I totally get the rustic/contemporary beach feeling. The lines of the furniture seem to have a great combination of classic and contemporary. I love the leather chair especially. The colors and patterns all work so beautifully together. I love both a & b. The a rug is stunning, but the b nice and casual. Maybe they chose b? Is it more dog/kid friendly? I'm stumped. They're both great. Looking forward to tomorrow's update!

  2. Holly, both plans are fantastic! I personally like plan A b/c I think the rug is fantastic and just adds another level to the whole design. It also would be great for hiding dirt, spills, stains, etc. all the important things when you have a family with young kiddos! Either way this family is really lucky b/c both plans are fantastic!