Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Simple Styling

It's no secret that I enjoy creating vignettes around my house. If the light is good and I have a cup of coffee then there's a high probability that I'll be tinkering with a shelf, mantel, or table.

My advice today is this...the most simple vignette can sometimes be the most beautiful and appealing.

I picked up a new seventy-nine cent basket about a month ago at one of my favorite thrift stores (interesting baskets really appeal to me) . It was an interesting shape and a pretty color so I knew I'd be able to make it work somewhere - either in my home or in a client's home.

I stacked a few books (on top of our laptop), placed my new ceramic vase on top, and then set my new sculptural basket next to it. Simple, easy, pretty vignette. I just like how all of this really works together yet still highlights my treasured framed photos of the girls on the wall :)

It's as easy as that. By varying the height and the textures, I've created an interesting look to this console table in our living room.

And speaking of styling, I've added a few of my styling photos to my Portfolio page. Check them out if you get a chance and let me know what you think. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Big Girl Room Updates

Just about 2 years later and I'm still working on my oldest daughter's room...we're about 75% there until I can consider this one "done" and hopefully get it photographed properly.

I wanted to bring you up to speed on where we started and where we're at now.

Here is my inspiration board that I put together April 1st, 2013 (we were getting ready to move and I was pregnant with Allison) - I wanted to use blush pinks and soft blues. Both colors that are feminine but work well with neutrals.

My initial spark of inspiration was that bowl of ice cream, the wedding reception at the barn, and the Botany fabric by Thomas Paul for Duralee fabric shown at the top left.

I'm pleased to say that I've pretty much stuck to this game plan. A few tweaks here and there which is part of the design process but overall I'm really happy how things are shaping up.

Her bedding has been done for a while. I kept it really easy - I got the Jenny Lind-style headboard on Craig's List for $10.00 and the white patchwork coverlet is from Target (love this coverlet - it's worked so well but still very age appropriate) this one is similar. I also picked up a few of the pillows a while ago and recently added a new little pillow that I couldn't resist.

Isn't that house pillow cute? It was handmade by Tadpole Creations.  

And then a few weeks ago I decided to have the dresser and nightstand painted by Dana.

Here is a before photo of the dresser. This dresser was given to us by my sister-in-law and the size is just right for Sheila's room. It was my nephew's before they handed it over to us. I love the detail on the side of the dresser and you won't see it yet but it has a pretty curve at the base too.

You can see the old sports knobs on the left there next to the new knobs I got at Home Goods for a huge bargain. The 4-pack of knobs was $7.99!! I couldn't resist and they had 2 so it all worked out perfectly. And I was pleased to be able to bring it a little dose of black and white to the room. I got that cute elephant lamp at a thrift store for $10.00.

And here is a photo of the dresser that I snapped the day after Dana delivered it back to us.

Dana was really great to work with and made the process so easy for us. I can't wait to finish up the room and get some good photos taken to show you. It's coming together - stay tuned! :)