Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why Did I Wait So Long?

To get these window treatments hung up in our Living Room!!! They look amazing and add so much softness, texture, structure and privacy to the room. Our house sits off the road so we never really had any issues with privacy but now it's so nice to be able to open and close the panels at our leisure. They also filter the sunlight in the morning which is nice too (when I haven't yet finished that first cup of coffee ;)

I've had the panels for a while. They are from World Market but appear to be unavailable in this color (they are available in other colors). They are a really great neutral with a taupe horizontal woven stripe.

A few things to note with the functionality of these panels:

- We hung the rod much higher than the actual frame of the window to give the illusion of a larger window wall - the goal is to enhance this wall as much as possible and to bring the eye up.

- I've used 2 panels on each side to create more heft since this is such a wide window. Don't be afraid to double up store bought panels on a wide window - nothing wrong with adding depth. You want to make sure that they will close all the way (if you need them to close) but you also want to make sure that they can be drawn open enough to let the light in too and not seem too hefty (custom window treatments would account for a double width if the window needed it - I trusted my judgement on these).

I didn't even touch the sofa or zhush the pillows - I was too excited about the new look of the windows. I'll get better photos later but had to share this.

And you know it's a huge improvement when your husband comments on how nice they look!!! Yes you read that correctly - he noticed and he approves. I believe that is considered big points in my book (I can't believe we waited so long).

My take away from this...that project that you've been putting off - you'll be soooooo happy once it's finished and you can enjoy it.

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  1. Dear Holly, I guess you can breathe now a new life in the living room with the new stylish drapery. Isn’t it? I really love them…you did a great job :D
    Maybe , in the near future, you would like to change even the rug, with something more cozy? What do you say? I would try one of our Sukhi rugs…. something from Morocco, on the same color pattern as the new window treatments, I guess would fit lovely in the living room: We want as many people as possible to discover the joys of owning rugs made by skilled artisans. What do you think? :)