Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Place for Everything - Jewelry Organization

Thanks so much for your support on my post yesterday about working with a designer. I hope to do more business posts in the near future as I think people are interested in learning more about the design business and I think transparency is key.

Today I'm talking about organization and so far this year the theme in our house has been "a place for everything" - meaning that every item that we see should be put away somewhere, stored, or removed if no longer being used. We live in a very modest house so storage is a huge challenge for us.

Included in our lack of storage is our master bedroom. It's small and one day we hope to do an addition but for now we make it work. We have one very small closet that isn't the most functional, and then we share the top of this dresser below. My side is on the right and Steve has his items on left. Most of my side is dedicated to jewelry and other everyday items.

Prior to this photo below my side of the dresser was a hot mess - I had some receipts, old credit cards, random pieces of jewelry scattered, etc. Believe me when I say it wasn't pretty :)

This past weekend I cleared everything off of the dresser and dusted first (whew!).

Then I got rid of any pieces of paper and anything that didn't need to be on the dresser (this area is designated mainly for jewelry).

I went through all of my jewelry and put any pieces that I don't wear on a regular basis into a small clear storage bin that I can easily access. All of my favorite pieces and pieces that I wear each day are in the large glass storage case that you see on the right. I love that I can see everything in this case. The pieces are in a place but still visible to enjoy. This one is from West Elm and doesn't appear to be available but this glass storage case is similar.

I use the acrylic cube in the back for bangles and larger bracelets. This one was given to me when I toured The Container Store grand opening in King of Prussia a few years ago. I love that you can use it for a variety of things.

The small ceramic bird vessel is used for my stud earrings. I can get at least 10 pairs in there which is exactly what I need. This little bird was given to me by Marianne a few years ago. (Side note: If you haven't seen Marianne's work, I would highly recommend taking a few minutes to glance over her website. She is extremely talented!)

And that little sushi dish is kind of a catch-all that I had gotten up in New York years ago (I've never actually used it for sushi - remember to think of other ways to use things :) I love that it's pretty but can also be used for quick storage.

And there you have it - my simple jewelry storage system that works for me. How do you organize your jewelry? I have a few other projects in mind that I'd like to try but for now this works great. Ideally, I'd love to get my earrings up on some sort of storage system on the wall but for now I'm satisfied with this system.

Would love to hear about your organizing projects that you've worked on so far this year - what has been working for you?


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