Monday, February 15, 2016

Blue Bell Family Room Project

I'm working with a great family on their family room refresh and thought I'd breakdown the process for you so far.

During our first meeting/consultation, I took measurements, lots of photos of the space, and asked my clients lots of background questions about what they like about the room, how they live in the room, how they want to live in a room, who uses the room, what changes they would like to see, what stays, what's going, etc, etc - lots of questions.

This is a photo of the family room from the kitchen. To the right is a door leading to their powder room and garage and to the left is a slider leading to their deck. When we first met, their biggest focus was on layout which is super important to the overall design and functionality of the space.

How can this space that they use so much work harder for them? Should the TV stay on the wall or should it be moved above the fireplace?

How can we maximize the space for them? Their budget allows for all new furniture, which is great because their existing furniture is too large for the space.

We're going to make this wall above work harder as well. The chair is getting in the way of traffic flow, so my plan for them will address this.

Fast forward a few weeks later, and it's time for me to present my plan and overall thought process for the new design and functionality to them.

First the floor plan...there were 2 floor plans presented but this one below is the one that they chose and was my favorite as well.

The TV is going to remain on that wall but I proposed moving it down a bit to center it on the wall (I just met with them yesterday and this has already been done). The biggest thing with this plan that you'll see is that we're moving to a smaller sofa, 2 armchairs, and a round coffee table. This is going to give them extra seating, storage, and overall better traffic flow. 

I've proposed a more open console for underneath the TV and 2 small storage ottomans on either side for more seating and storage. I proposed a storage bench by the slider where the armchair was - this will create better traffic flow, more seating opportunity, and storage.

Colors and textures - they like blues and greens but the husband also likes reds/oranges. The photos below will give you a good idea of where we are headed. My color plan started with that floral pillow - I love that it incorporates all of the colors that they requested.

These are some of the fabrics that I had selected for the armchairs. We eventually decided on the beige/blue striped fabric (2 in from the right). 

And below you'll see the final selections (note - this is not an actual color read due to the lighting in the store). The darkest fabric (which is dark blue/navy) is for the sofa, the mustard/cream trellis fabric will be additional pillows for the sofa, and the striped fabric is for the 2 armchairs.

My clients placed their furniture orders yesterday so that part of the process is under way. In the meantime, other smaller items can be decided on - area rug (which will also be huge to the overall feel of the room - I've proposed a jute rug), art, pillows. We're going to lighten up the fireplace with some new art and accessories.

I'm excited for my clients and this beautiful room we're bringing to life. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon. 

Hope you had a great weekend!!


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