Monday, August 15, 2016

Collegeville Switcharoo Project

I've had the pleasure of working with a childhood friend and helping her switch functions in a few rooms in their beautiful Collegeville home. When my client first contacted me, I knew she had a good idea of how she wanted the rooms to function and also had a good sense of her style. She really needed my help with the planning and execution of the design in each of the rooms.

The Switcharoo Plan:  Switching the current playroom to function as an office and using the unused living room as a bigger kid/adult hangout room (love this idea!). No space unused!

Here are a few photos of the playroom when I first met with her:

The room was nicely organized and a great space for her boys to play. She did an awesome job with this alphabet collage wall below, but (sniff, sniff) her boys are getting bigger and were starting to outgrow this vibe.  

Inspired by these curtains....we'll be changing the color palette, adding in personal touches to make it cozy, and adding some additional seating and shelves for display and storage.

This room has quickly become a (dare I say calming?) office space to do work, bills, and glance out that pretty bay window and daydream ;)  More photos to come soon...

And then here is the Living Room when we had our first meeting...

This was mostly an unused space that was craving some function and personality.  It has another beautiful bay window (below) that my client had already gotten a quote to have built-ins installed on this wall - score for function!

And then the wall below houses a small desk area for their computer. Layout-wise the space is basically staying the same due to walls/windows/furniture that are in the room. We've added in a few more pieces to make it more functional for the boys, and lots of personality to make it a hang out room.

Here's a sneak peek of the progress in this room...(photo courtesy of my client)

Aren't the built-ins awesome? Doors will be added to either side of the cabinets flanking the window. I can't wait to share the finished spaces with you. Kudos to my client for taking my plans and running with them - she's a go-getter and I love it.

Both of the rooms have come such a long way, and my favorite part about this project is how much use each of the rooms will be getting.


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