West Pear Interiors was created to combine my passion for helping others and my enthusiasm for decorating and design. Below is an outline of services that are currently offered through West Pear Interiors.

One Hour Consultations - Styling/Accessorizing/Finishing Touches 
Billed at $75.00/hour
For those in the Philadelphia area, we can schedule a time to meet at your home to discuss any rooms or design dilemmas that you might have in a particular space. This time can also be used to discuss challenges with layout, paint and color consultation, accessorizing a space, or just a general brainstorming session. We'll come up with a plan/schedule outlining the goals that you have and work from there.

Full Service Design
Billed at $75.00/hour
Also for those in the Philadelphia area, a full service design plan begins with a minimum one hour scheduled appointment in your home. During this initial visit, we will discuss the goals and vision for the space, functionality of the space, scope of the project, as well as budget. We will also talk about your preferences in style and color and review any images that you have gathered as inspiration. I will take measurements of the space during this initial meeting.

After the initial meeting in the home, I'll put together a design board and layout plan for the space that will cater to the goals and preferences we discussed. When the design board has been completed, we'll set up another meeting to go over the board and discuss implementation of the design plan.

Depending upon the scope of the project, a flat rate may be considered upon request.

Please e-mail Holly to get started with your project or with any questions you might have. I look forward to working with you!